Around the hotel

After a night where the sound of silence cradles you, departure in 4X4 to discover the Palmeraie Skoura and the Valley of the Roses. In the early morning, the mineral silence plays with the colors, soft pink, ocher red, chocolate, according to the vagaries of light. Scattered by adobe houses (clay and straw) in ruins, the road unfolds to infinity its lunar and pharaonic landscape. We take dust tracks, which lead to desert plateaus with a 360 ° panorama of these mountains of sedimentary rocks.
A stop at the Orientation table and the dizziness seizes you: A paradise for contemplatives, for fans of climbing or walks ... Arches of stones, vertiginous walls, red sandstone and silver granite, manganese, pitons erected in the middle of nowhere tiny villages perched and confused with the ocher of the earth. This frame is a painting of harmony, an allegory of early times.
Lake El Mansour Eddhabi built in 1971 meanwhile unrolls its 27 km² anchored between the surrounding mountains in the Draa Valley, creating an almost unbroken oasis to M'hamid.
A pretty hotel La Sultana, with a more contemporary design and with breathtaking views of the lake, is nestled there.

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